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These are all titles of people or firms that practice in the law. From an injured person’s point of view the name is hardly important the major issue is whether they specialise in the area of the law you need. Lawyers are somewhat like doctors in that for your ‘run of the mill’ issues you see your local High Street ‘family’ solicitor but for more in-depth matters like personal injury claims your require the services of a specialised personal injury lawyer.

A common occurrence:-

“You know solicitors – won’t refuse to take your case on, but then what happens! Costs keep rising and you hear nothing unless you phone them and half the time you can’t speak to the person handling your claim!”

You require solicitors who are specialists in personal injury law and are able to supply you with the highest level of service.

  • Keeping you informed of all developments
  • Answering your phone calls whenever possible
  • Not incurring unnecessary expenses

There are many lawyers out there who will offer you the chance to be represented based on a “No Win- No Fee” setup. Please however do take care as you need the correct representation to ensure you not only receive the compensation to which you are entitled but also your position is fully protected. Please proceed by the following link to the No Win No Fee section of this site for further information.


You deserve the best representation to ensure you receive the maximum compensation, which we can arrange through independent specialist solicitors and lawyers. Initial advice can be arranged completely FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation.

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