No Win No Fee Lawyer
No Win No Fee Lawyer

The laws in all the States and Territories of Australia in relation to personal injury claims are completely different, however one thing they all have in common is to allow a lawyer to act on a contingency basis for injured individuals pursuing compensation claims. A contingency arrangement can mean on a No Win – No Fee basis, however you still need to be careful to ensure you have the correct legal representation.

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Whilst a No Win – No Fee arrangement may relate to your own lawyer’s costs there are still other issues to be considered including funding disbursements on your case (medical reports, assessor’s reports, etc.) and in certain circumstances the other side’s costs in the unfortunate event that you lose the an injury claim that goes to court. Therefore it is extremely important that you pick the right lawyer to represent you to ensure your rights are fully protected and you receive all the compensation to which you are entitled.

The laws in all the States and Territories in relation to compensation are completely different and therefore if you are injured in say Adelaide it is highly unlikely a solicitor in Melbourne would be able to assist you with a claim. We have access to top independent solicitors across the Country who will be able to provide you with an initial FREE legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and injury.

Picking the wrong lawyer could not only mean that you do not receive the compensation to which you might be entitled but you in fact lose the case and end up with a bill from the insurance company’s lawyer. We have access to specialist personal injury lawyers who only handle injury claims and do not act for insurance companies so contact us today for the right legal representation. These lawyers will only act in your best interests and will be truthful with you as to the realistic prospects for your injury claim.

Nowadays it is all but impossible to obtain Legal Aid to pursue a personal injury claim and the No Win – No Fee facility has been developed to assist injured people obtain legal representation without being required to pay up-front the solicitor’s costs. As we appreciate when you are injured and perhaps off work, money can be extremely ‘tight’ and there is normally no spare cash to pay lawyer’s fees.

  • A No Win - No Fee arrangement covers your Lawyer's legal fees
  • Injury lawyer is prepared to act for you
  • Lawyer regularly acted on this basis

A No Win – No Fee arrangement covers your Lawyer’s legal fees only, however obviously if a specialist personal injury lawyer is prepared to act for you on this basis, i.e. they do not get paid unless you win, they must have confidence in both you and your injury claim. If a lawyer regularly acted on this basis and lost cases they would soon go out of business!

There are certain compensation claims that can be pursued by injured people across Australia where there is absolutely no exposure to any prospect of an adverse costs order against them – even in the event a compensation claim is unsuccessful. Contact Us today to discover where you stand before consulting a lawyer and for assistance to ensure you get the best legal representation.

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